How Do You Choose The Right Size Pond Pump?

How Do You Choose The Right Size Pond Pump?

Why do I need a pond pump?

Adding a pump to your pond opens up a whole world of possibilities. Moving water can transform your stagnant pond into the focus of a beautiful water garden.

A pump will enable you to run a pond filter to help keep your pond water clear and your fish healthy. Attractive fountains, cascades and other interesting water features can all be added if a pump is installed into your pond system. Whatever pond size or setting you have, a pond pump really can bring it all to life!

Why a Fish Mate pond pump?

FISH MATE pond pumps provide all the versatility and performance you need. Our focus on reliability at every stage of design and manufacture enables us to produce superior quality pumps built to last. Ease of use and low running costs come as standard, thanks to the simple flow control and super-efficient pump-turbine.

3-year guarantee

All FISH MATE pond pumps carry our 3-year guarantee, assuring you of the quality and reliability expected of all FISH MATE products.

How to choose the right pump

1. Calculate the required flow

As a rough guide, you will need a flow of about 500 litres (110 gallons)/hour for a 1m (40”) high tiered fountain plus about 1000 litres (220 gallons)/hour to give a reasonable waterfall for every 10cm (4”) of waterfall width. If using a FISH MATE filter, the required flow through the filter should be approximately 50% of your pond volume every hour (subject to the maximum flow rating of the filter). Once you have calculated the flow as above we recommend you multiply this as follows to compensate for losses.

• Hose runs under 6m (20’) : x 1.25 • Hose runs over 6m (20’) : x 1.5 • Filter losses : x 1.5 (average)

2. Calculate the required “head”

As a reasonable approximation to calculate the required head (pressure), measure the height of the highest outlet above the pond surface.

3. Consult the Pump Selection Charts

Find the point on the charts below, where your figures for flow and head meet. To achieve the flow at that head you will need a pump whose line is above this point.



You require a 25cm (10”) wide waterfall and a small fountain. The waterfall starts 1m (40”) above the pond surface.

1. 500L/h for fountain + (2.5 x 1000)L/h for waterfall = 3000L/h. Multiply by 1.25 to allow for pipe losses etc. gives 3750L/h required flow.

2. Required “head” = 1m (40”)

3. First consult the top flow chart, (Head 1m, Flow 3750L/h). From the chart the

FISH MATE 4000 pump would not quite have sufficient power and therefore we must consult the flow chart below from which it is clear that the FISH MATE 5000 would be the preferred choice.

Pump Feature Quick Reference Chart


FISH MATE pond pumps consistently deliver high flow rates compared to other pond pumps of the same power rating (wattage). The high-performance pump turbines are the result of extensive testing and development, driven by a constant striving for the best possible design.


Safety is the prime consideration for all our pond products. The FISH MATE range of pond pumps is all built to the latest international safety standards. Fully encapsulated designs give safe, secure products which you can feel confident to use in your pond.


Our rigorous environmental tests have shown that FISH MATE pond pumps last significantly longer than our competitors’ pumps. Ceramic shaft bearings and patented rotor design give us complete confidence in providing a 3-year guarantee.

Low Maintenance

Unlike many pond pumps, the FISH MATE range features a specially developed strainer filter that will not clog up under normal use. Gone are the days of needing to clean your pump’s sponge filter every day! Even in heavily contaminated water, a quick shake is often all that is needed to keep your pump running at maximum performance.

Low Running Costs

The true price of a pond pump includes the ‘hidden’ cost of running it once it is installed. The super-efficient turbine in all FISH MATE pumps uses less power (in some cases over 50% less) than other pumps on the market. This is better for the environment and also saves you money.

Pond-Life Friendly

FISH MATE pond pumps come pond-life friendly as standard* to help protect small creatures and spawning life.

Solids Handling

For efficient removal of solids from the pond to an external filter, all our pond-life friendly pumps can be easily modified to handle larger solids (see Pump Feature Quick Reference Chart).

Fountain Set

All FISH MATE pond pumps come complete with a range of fountain options to give the ideal fountain for any situation.