How do You Choose The Right Pond Filter?

How do You Choose The Right Pond Filter?


Why have a pond filter?

If you have a pond pump, a pond filter is a sound investment for healthy clear water. Natural well-established ponds tend to be of large volume with plenty of natural planting, shade and relatively few fish. Garden ponds on the other hand tend to hold many more fish, are often in direct sunlight and have few plants. All of these factors combined can cause the garden pond to quickly become unbalanced resulting in green water or unhealthy fish. Adding a pond filter improves the pond stability giving you peace of mind, beautifully crystal clear water and an environment for your fish to thrive in.

What filter types are available?

All Fish Mate UV+Bio pond filters will provide crystal clear, purified water with minimal maintenance and all come complete with a Clear Water Guarantee

Gravity models

Gravity models require installation at or above desired outlet e.g. at the top of a waterfall. Fish Mate Gravity filters are economically priced and feature UV tubes positioned over the water, thus eliminating issues of scaling, quartz tube replacement and frost damage associated with conventional UV clarifiers.

Models available: 2500 G-UV, 4000 G-UV, 6000 G-UV,10000 G-UV & 15000 G-UV

Pressurised models

Pressurised models offer the greatest installation versatility as they can be buried and installed above or below desired outlet level e.g. at the bottom of a waterfall. Fish Mate pressurised models feature a unique slim-line lid making the units inconspicuous when buried. A variety of models is available featuring Powerclenz - the patented automatic cleaning system which enables the filter to be cleaned at the twist of a knob.

Models available: 2500 P-UV & 5000 P-UV

Powerclenz models available: 10000 P-UV, 15000 P-UV, 30000 P-UV & 45000 P-UV


For crystal clear pond water simply install the appropriate FISH MATE UV+Bio Pond Filter. Each one comes with our Clear Water Guarantee*. Available in both pressurised and gravity models, the FISH MATE UV+Bio filter range caters for ponds up to 45000 litres (9000 gallons) with the following features:

Combined U.V. and Biological Filtration for crystal clear, purified water

Easy to maintain

Includes SUPRA Bio Media

3-year guarantee

Coloured green to blend in with natural surroundings

A variety of pressurised models are available featuring Powerclenz - the patented automatic cleaning system, which enables the filter to be cleaned at the twist of a knob.

Which filter goes with which pump?

The best way to choose a filter and pump combination is to calculate the volume of water in your pond then select the appropriate filter using the recommendations given on the FISH MATE filter leaflet/carton. However, for most applications the following recommendations will apply:

1. Filter recommendation based on normal stocking levels in partial shade. If you have different stocking levels or have a pond in shade or direct sun, please consult the FISH MATE filter leaflet/carton.

2. Pump recommendation based on filter situated at pond side without other flow requirements.